Writing Poems For Certificates

Aghast, I stood somniferously staring at the trophy cabinet

It served as a footnote, reminding me of the past:

I wake up at six, just so I can hear a melodic death metal mix

Some of youtube’s very best, it gives me time to rest

Because dreaming takes effort,

This much we all know,

So are trophies mostly for show?

I have received three, and believe you me,

While they are rather shiny,

It’s the experience that has made all the difference,

Had I given up,

The first few times I had succeeded at failing,

All you would be reading is wistful kvetching and wailing,

See, Ron was made prefect and not Harry

Seeing that Potter already had a lot on his plate,

as far as I can recall, if one gives it their all,

the rest is up to fate

The boy who LIVED never asked for his destiny

But he followed Henry David Thoreaus’ words to the letter

Pray tell, what could possibly be better?

‘Turn yourself into a go getter’

Was all I had in mind, as it’s never too late to find

The right mindset which may help us rediscover what we’ve left behind

Tell yourself:

“I may not ever be the best at anything,

But I’m going to be the best at not being the best at anything.”

Put on your thinking cap and take a victory lap.

Reference: HP, the boy who lived, and Walden by HDT.

We can choose to live a deliberate life, but we cannot chose to be born. Some things are not left to us to decide. Do what you can.


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