Music Playlist

As this is a free blog, it is currently impossible for us to provide a music/juke box as that is for premium users only.

To make up for that, here are some songs which you can listen to while reading our content. Hope it sets the mood đŸ™‚

This month’s theme: Happiness (A song which makes the contributors of this blog happy)

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Northern Downpour by Panic! at the Disco

The paper kites- Woodland

Just a feeling by Maroon 5

MIkky Ekko- Smile

Nyan cat by Nyan cat

Happy by Pharell Williams

Orchit Rahman’s mixes

Shopner Bashone co-written by Maman and Shehab

My final jam with my cousins before they left the country.

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