Brain Drain

My brain has left me for the time being
he says he’s trying his luck elsewhere

The visionaries have gone sight seeing
net remmitance is near, things are often worse than they appear

I don’t understand, it’s not like we paid walmart wages

What is with this sudden mutiny,

or the desire to try destiny

in some other place?

Why do so many of my friends want to live the american dream

when millions of Americans claim to be insomniacs?

It’s time to wake up, before sleep apnea ruins us all

We don’t need the world’s largest mall,

football, paintball, or baseball

but just enough common sense to stand tall

with what little we’ve got, which is not a lot

there’s not much to offer from this empty coffer

and yet it beats being another person’s chauffeur






Google Forms

I do apologize most profusely to the readers of this blog for not being active as of late. I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. Sadly, that doesn’t excuse me from school tests and I have a lot to catch up on for the second quarter, not to mention that my half yearly exams are due in a week. Fortunately, exams are when emotions run high so I’ll be more active next month thanks to the inevitable surplus of emotion that is likely to result from the exams. Maybe it’ll add to my writing? I hope so!

Oh, and I was just experimenting with google forms, pretty useful website if I may say so.

Have a good day, and take good care of your health lest you end up like me. Not that it’s too uncommon to have a cold during the cold month of November.


edit: Do not attempt to fill out the survey as it is just a demo :p

Sorry I couldn’t laugh, I tried really hard, I promise.

I went to watch a comedy (Much Ado About Nothing) not a budget friendly bangla cinema.

The drummer’s *bad dum tss* lead to more and more bland jokes. And at the end of it all, I felt like life was just a big bad joke that fails to be funny. The only thing the punch lines managed to punch was my interest.

The audience at the back couldn’t hear a word thanks to the poor sound management, but I believe them to be fortunate as they were spared from the banal dialogue.

On an individual level, the performers delivered, especially in terms of body language and stage presence. It’s just that I couldn’t see the team chemistry so the bigger picture fell short. Maybe I need to get new glasses or something, who knows? What I do know for sure is that one would need ear trumpets at the age of 17 to hear the soliloquy which were mawkish in nature.

My favorite moment of the play was when it was all over. The director, shared an emotional note with us that struck a chord with the audience for once. I was truly saddened to hear that it was his last time behind the curtains. Better luck next time mate.

Just like  Juliet, Hero, the heroine of the play, faked her death. To the layman this might be interpreted as ‘heroes never really die’, but then remember, the enthusiastic spirit of spectators is mortal and can die quickly. Oh the terror!

Also, a plot hole I observed happened early on in the play. Benedick was supposed to have shaved off his beard, unfortunately, the actor didn’t have a beard to begin with!

The only thing hilarious about all of this was that it I’ve had an easier time laughing at tragedy than this so called comedy.

My sincere request to everyone involved in the creation of this play is to actually open the book for once and read the original play by Shakespeare, understand the tip of the iceberg and then adopt it into your own rendition.

Have a good day folks. That’s all for now. I’d ask for a refund but I didn’t have to pay- attention.

I now rest my case, and without further ado, let’s be on our way to greater things.




Zero Moment Of Truth

At times we search for solutions to our problems on Google. Now, the thing is, are we are aware about the nature of the problem?


Exaggeration or understating the problem can often lead to unsatisfying answers. Think simply, do not complicate an otherwise straightforward situation.

Self diagnosis can be fairly accurate, but admit that it is impossible to be constantly aware of everything. Embrace the struggle of life even though it might at times seem rather futile. Like all those assignments we have to submit with 12 size New Times Roman font.

Be patient. It takes up to 3.3 bn years and a lot of pressure for diamonds to form and yet here they are in the current world.

Attempt to use different tools of thoughts to analyse the situation. Connect the invisible dots. Keep asking yourself, “so what?” until you get to the bottom of the problem.

Somewhere out there an entrepreneur has most likely come up with a solution for your woes,  as google will undoubtedly show you. However, take the initiative and try to become self reliant. Do what you can.


Game Changer

Written By: Wargasm (Dota2 Display Name)

So how did I get into Dota?
Quite foolishly, in hindsight, I accepted a beta invite from a friend.
And how did I become so good?
Practice, you know.
An eternal lust for perfection.
A willingness to learn from other cultures.
Because it’s like what they say, once you begin, there’s no going back.
But some people don’t get it you know?
They say I take the game too seriously.
Or that I have trouble separating it from reality.
And to those people I say, “Get good.”

Morpheus Meets Hypnos & Somnus

Explore the world of an unknown unseen light
Milky Way galaxy’s flawless fabric
I see all this in light of the unknown
As it refracts off the wall of dreams

Explore the world of an unknown unseen light
Milky Way galaxy’s flawless fabric
I see all this in light of the unknown
As it richochets off the wall of dreams

A question awakens on my invisible wall
Known and unknown the medicine-man finally glimpses
You are the purest image of my memories
mirage of treasures created by God unknown
God of dreams, Morpheus,
Hear this wail!

Peering into the dictionary of memories
Time captures all the galaxy’s stars
Find me the mind’s kiss of ambrosia
Encountering you in the dream land

A question awakens on my invisible wall
Known and unknown the medicine-man finally glimpses
You are the purest image of my memories
mirage of treasures created by God unknown
Hidden gem, woe, man of dreams, Hypnos, Somnus,
Fear this wail!


Life is a hospital line
We’re waiting to get sick
Just to know what it’s like
To feel better

Looking around
I see people talking
In high quality 5.1 surround sound
The out casts are tenderly walking

I’d like to crack a joke
But the person standing next to me
Starts to choke
And all of a sudden it doesn’t seem like a good idea

I need my daily dose of humour anodyne
To feel like at least this moment is mine
Is being fine a fine?
If it’s only a dead cat bounce

The vultures are ready to pounce
Everyone wants a share in my misery
Warping my outlook …
Welcome to the bear market of health
Where the only objective is welcoming wealth

Your Inferiority Complex Is Better Than Mine

Inferiority complex,

you are no less complex than any other complex!

Those simpletons fail to understand,

what it is that you demand,

which is why they act so aggressively,

As it stands, you have taught me to take myself for granted,

keeping me on my toes,

Even when I’m not surrounded by foes,

leading to a steady stream of round the clock hard work

And further labels, for instance: dork.

I suppose that’s quite natural,

many think being industrious isn’t worth a penny

as it all comes down to talent,

What use is talent if it is latent?

A bear that hibernates is vulnerable to drastic changes in weather

it’s not a question of whether or not you have given it all you’ve got

it boils down to what you think is a lot more than what you’re willing to give

our eyes are ever ready to deceive, so there is no limit to what we wish to receive

can there never be a dearth of woes? Why must it be that such an Earth no one knows?

Always adamantly advising me not to be ego enchanted

or leave things the way they are

understandably, I feel that the only person I am truly inferior to

is the one I am capable of being, and seeing that

I’m glad I stopped by to have this chat with the mirror

from now on I’ll learn by way of trial and error

My Story Isn’t MY Story.

I have a dream:

One day I will stop dreaming.

Take things at their face value,

Stop soul searching for intrinsic meaning.

Be serious about slacking,

lying truthfully, and cheating honestly.

Doing all this in earnest!

Endless limited possibilities,

Simply waiting to put them to the test,

So I can lull my guilty conscience into innocuous rest.

jack frost