Sorry I couldn’t laugh, I tried really hard, I promise.

I went to watch a comedy (Much Ado About Nothing) not a budget friendly bangla cinema.

The drummer’s *bad dum tss* lead to more and more bland jokes. And at the end of it all, I felt like life was just a big bad joke that fails to be funny. The only thing the punch lines managed to punch was my interest.

The audience at the back couldn’t hear a word thanks to the poor sound management, but I believe them to be fortunate as they were spared from the banal dialogue.

On an individual level, the performers delivered, especially in terms of body language and stage presence. It’s just that I couldn’t see the team chemistry so the bigger picture fell short. Maybe I need to get new glasses or something, who knows? What I do know for sure is that one would need ear trumpets at the age of 17 to hear the soliloquy which were mawkish in nature.

My favorite moment of the play was when it was all over. The director, shared an emotional note with us that struck a chord with the audience for once. I was truly saddened to hear that it was his last time behind the curtains. Better luck next time mate.

Just like ¬†Juliet, Hero, the heroine of the play, faked her death. To the layman this might be interpreted as ‘heroes never really die’, but then remember, the enthusiastic spirit of spectators is mortal and can die quickly. Oh the terror!

Also, a plot hole I observed happened early on in the play. Benedick was supposed to have shaved off his beard, unfortunately, the actor didn’t have a beard to begin with!

The only thing hilarious about all of this was that it I’ve had an easier time laughing at tragedy than this so called comedy.

My sincere request to everyone involved in the creation of this play is to actually open the book for once and read the original play by Shakespeare, understand the tip of the iceberg and then adopt it into your own rendition.

Have a good day folks. That’s all for now. I’d ask for a refund but I didn’t have to pay- attention.

I now rest my case, and without further ado, let’s be on our way to greater things.




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