S.E.T.I In A Classroom of Dunces

What’s up with the name? His initials happen to be E.E.E (triple E).. not a coincidence 😉

also, this was written about… one of my fictional characters named “Pitch-shifter”

Everyday Ernest Earnest Eornost

Kept his ears open for a thought quest

his intellectual hebetude

neatly labeled as ingratitude

by all his peer learning teachers

Self-labeled thought preachers

“playful” pen pushers wield weary words when writing rumors

often would he go on vector field trips

during which the counselor told him to come to grips

with all that came from lying lips

And give in to the general normative trend

To these thoughts, his ears he would not lend

in retaliation they boarded a think tank

subdue him they could not, for he knew life to be a prank

thinking ahead, he had separated shaft from crank

what use is a playing field which is level,

if Ernest had the tinkering curiosity of the devil?

customarily kicked out, he knew what friendships were about

Most meaningless matters need not be eked out

For some select sophomores there is no chance for romance

But that does not mean they cannot make numbers dance

All that has been left to be said is this:

Life cannot be judged at a single glance


Earnest can be said in three different ways and yet mean the same thing… the language is different but the meaning still intact. This should be taken to mean that people see him in different points of view but he himself has not changed in the least.

S.E.T.I= Search for extra terrestrial Intelligence. SETI has not yet been successful. The title is a joke basically.

The name Ernest is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Ernest is: Serious, determined. Earnestness or vigor, from the Old German Ernust.earnest= resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.eornost (Old English) meaning vigor or earnestness

Peer learning= learning from each other… but when a peer acts like the teacher not given others the chance to ask questions.. well that is annoying to say the least

curiosity of the devil as in curiosity is discouraged …. or seen in a negative light

pen pusher as in he had to do most of the manual boring work

this is being written by him and he is weary about what the readership think

vector field= area where there are directions..(forces shown as pointed arrows)…


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