Adamjee Cantonment College Photography competition

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For Bangladeshi Residents and School students this message is from the organizing committee of the event to be held in Adamjee school:


Adamjee Cantonment College Photography Club (ACCPC) is proud to present 2nd ACC National Photo Festival 2016″; An inter college photography competition and exhibition.

Event Date and Venue :
25-26 February 2016

At Adamjee Cantonment College,Dhaka

Event Time:
Day 1 – 25th Feb (Thursday) from 09.00 AM to 03.00 PM

Day 2 – 26th Feb (Friday) from 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Eeligibilityfor participation: Open for all school and college students upto HSC batch 2015.


Category: We have two different categories.

1. Digital Camera Photography:
There are two sections in Digital Camera Photography category.
a. Nature (Macro,Wild Life,Landscape etc..)
b. Others (Portrait, Still Life,Street,Life,Style etc..)

2. Mobile Photography:
This category is open.


“” A Photographer can participate in all categories or any two categories or one category. The category codes are-

“1a”= Digital Camera Photography (Nature)
“1b”= Digital Camera Photography (Others)
“2”= Mobile Photography””

1. One participant can submit a maximum 4 Number of photos in each category.
2. Photo Must be 3000 px (minimum) in the longer side.
3. Rename your photo as follows,
Example: Tanvir Sadat_Adamjee Cantonment College_1a_শেষ বেলা_01XXXXXXXXX
4. Mention “CATEGORY_YOUR NAME” in subject of the mail and send mail to
“”. We shall give you a confirmation mail after getting your mail. If you do
not get any confirmation mail from us, please mention this to our Facebook event.
5.Please send each category image in a separate e-mail.
6. Both color and b&w photos are acceptable.
7. Border or Watermarks are NOT acceptable.
8. Only jpg/jpeg versions are acceptable.
9. Once selected, you will need to pay 800 BDT per selected photo. You will be given your frame and certificate after the end of the exhibition.
10.ACCPC reserves the right to modify the
terms and conditions of the competition at any time.

Submission Deadline:
Start: 07th January 2016 at 12.00 AM

End: 25th January 2016 at 11.59 PM


Kudrat E Khoda (Kajol),
Pioneer in Wild Life and Nature Photography of Bangladesh.

*** We have arranged a workshop (only for the participants) to be conducted by Kudrat E Khoda sir on Basics of Photography. The workshop will be held on 26th February (friday) from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM.

*** The participants will get

1. Certificate of participation and frame.
2. T-Shirt
3. Catalog
4. Complimentary Lunch (friday)

*** There will be total 9 prizes in 2 categories

(1a.) 3 prizes
(1b.) 3 prizes
(2.) 3 prizes

For any information, you may send a message to the official page “Adamjee Cantonment

College Photography Club – ACCPC” Link:

Or event page


Or you may contact personally with the following persons,

Tanvir Sadat (President, ACCPC)
Mobile: 01521434629
Facebook ID:

Fahmeed Anees (Vice President, ACCPC):
Mobile: 01688186305
Facebook ID:

We welcome you all to join us and witness some extraordinary works of some young talented

photographers all around the country.

Thank you 🙂

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Teacher’s Day Speech

Honourable Principle, Senior vice Principle (Academic Affairs), Senior Vice Principle (Student Affairs),

Academic Supervisors, School management, and my fellow students,

I stand before you humbled.

It is a great honor for me to be given the opportunity to speak on such an auspicious day.

Teaching is a noble profession which has been around for time immemorial. Centuries ago Alexander the great praised his mentor Aristotle by articulating,”I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

I am certain that I speak for my fellow students when I say that we owe our teachers a debt of gratitude.

It is because of their life’s work that so many of us are capable of being active contributors in our respective fields.

My teachers have taught me that being a good student takes much more than just academic excellence.

It comes hand in hand with punctuality, grit, time management, and a positive attitude towards failure.

I learned that the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet, something Aristotle himself has taught.

That there can be joy in the struggle.

There can be a sense of achievement in facing the struggle of overcoming who we were only yesterday so as to create a better today and envision an even better tomorrow.

Self-effacing, whole-heartedly dedicated, patient, thoughtful, these are but to name a few of the adjectives which come to mind when reflecting about the daunting routine our teachers go through every day to ensure that we students are on the right track.

It goes without saying that, none of our greatest achievements would have been possible to accomplish had it not been for our teachers.

They nurtured the latent talent they saw in us at a time we ourselves were incapable of seeing it laying dormant within us.

If not for the counsel and criticism of our teachers, we would not be able to enjoy the same quality of life as we do currently.

Student’s look to their teachers for academic assistance as well as moral support. Encouragement can go a long way and motivate students to display goal-oriented behavior.

Our teachers lead by example and it is through them that we pick up the trifecta of good qualities:

Curiosity, Passion and Resilience.

Under the tutelage of a teacher a pupil may begin to discover them self in a new, albeit positive light.

Learning is a lifelong journey and our teachers prepare us for the upcoming trials and tribulations which are to come.

With that being said, teachers shape our outlook on life and make it possible to face whatever may come. I have come to learn that happiness is to feel good by doing good.

It is only fair that we reciprocate the effort our teachers put into making better people of us all and also take a moment to appreciate all they have done for us.

I would like to end my speech on a high note by quoting the Great Teacher Onizuka who said,

“A good teacher can help you get into a good college, a great teacher can give you a childhood you will never forget which will be more of an asset.”

Some fictional teachers worth noting:

  1. Snape
  2. Onizuka
  3. Zetsubou Sensei
  4. John Keating
  5. Dewey Finn
  6. Dan Dunne

Editorial: Declaration of Principles

For those of us who have had the opportunity to watch the Classic ‘Citizen Kane’, the declaration of principles will be a familiar subject. Also notice how the paper is now only ‘2 cents’ … the meaning of that has not been lost on me.

Much in the same way, in the Harry Potter universe the marauder’s map has the following pledge…

The first pledge is a declaration of good will, whereas the second is an oath to use the map for delinquency.

However, ironically it was Charles Foster Kane who used his paper ‘The New York Inquirer’ for his own ends instead of furthering the public interest while Harry Potter attempted to use the marauder’s map as a force for good.

A tool is neither good nor bad, such traits of morality should not be applied to it. It is either effective or ineffective. The way it is used is up to its user.

Having said all that,

here is a pledge of our own:

Here at Inkuisitive Mind we realize that it is highly unnecessary to have an opinion about everything. From hence forth it will be our policy not to take everything seriously and in a literal sense but to focus on esoteric knowledge nuggets instead of rants lacking constructive criticism which can be found in en masse in most social media comment sections.


~This post is not intended to cause offense. If you are offended… please watch the pink panther movies to cheer up. Johnny English should do the trick as well.

Dhaka Residential Model College Language Festival

Link to event page

Date: 17, 18 and 19 September.

My friend and fellow MUN(model united nations)er, Mushfiq Alam Ankur requested me to spread the word. As a token of goodwill and in the hope that DRMC will also participate in any hay festival organized by Scholastica in the not so distant future (if all goes well), the creative writing club of Scholastica would like to play a part in advertising the event through this blog.

If any Bangladeshi student who is keen to learn more about Literature (English & Bengali) is interested, please continue to read. If not, well, find a blog which suits your taste.

-Your language is your personality.

Remians Language Club is happy to invite you to our 2nd National Language Festival 2015. On this happy occasion we are publishing our annual festival souvenir DHONI. As per the sequence this will be the 2nd edition named as DHONI-2. On a different note, we are coming up with some new creative events and new surprises.

Our festival is divided into four groups:
-Junior (Class VI-VIII)
-Secondary (Class IX-X)
-Senior (XI-XII)

This year there will be a different segment for the University level, which are the Photography Exhibition & Quiz Competition.

*Events for JUNIOR LEVEL :
1.Spelling Bee (Bengali & English)
2.Language Based Olympiad(Bengali & English)
3.Intensive Reading
4.Wall Magazine

1.Language Based Quiz
2.Spelling Bee (Bengali & English)
3.Language Based Olympiad (Bengali & English)
4.Extempore Speech (Bengali & English)
5.Heads & Tails
6.Script Writing (Bengali & English)
7. Listening Skill Test
8.Wall Magazine
10.Photography Exhibition

*Events for SENIOR LEVEL :
1.Language Based Quiz
2.Spelling Bee (Bengali & English)
3.Language Based Olympiad (Bengali & English)
4.Extempore Speech (Bengali & English)
5.Heads & Tails
6.Script Writing (Bengali & English)
7.Poem Writing (Bengali & English)
8. Listening Skill Test
9.Wall Magazine
11.Photography Exhibition

1.Language Based Quiz
2.Photography Exhibition

***Rules & Regulations for the RLC presents 2nd National Language Festival:
-Participants have to be present in the college premises at least half an hour before their respective events.
-Spot registration will be allowed.
-The decisions given by our judges will be final.No complaints regarding that will be allowed.
-2015 HSC examinees will be allowed to participate in senior level.


SPELLING BEE(Bengali & English)

Participants can participate in this event individually.There will be two rounds.The preliminary round will be written and the final round will be verbal.Minimum 5 participants will be selected for the final round.


Participants can participate in this event with a team.Each team will consist of 3 members.There will be two rounds.The preliminary round will be written and the final round will be buzzer round.


Participants can participate in this event individually.Participants will have to answer different types of questions from literature,grammar and a little general knowledge.


Participants can participate in this event individually.Multiple passages will be given in English and the participants will have to answer different types of question from it.

EXTEMPORE SPEECH(Bengali & English)

An extempore speech is an improvised speech where the speaker has to say about the topic with a little preparation.The topic will be given on spot.Participants will have 4 minutes to prepare their speech and 4 minutes to deliver it.


It is a special kind of improvised speech where the speaker has to say both in favor and against the given topic.The topic will be given on spot.Participants will have 4 minutes to prepare their speech and 4 minutes to deliver it in English.
The order of the changing time as follows:
2 minutes-for
2 minutes-against

SCRIPT WRITING(Bengali & English)

Participants can participate in this event individually.A situation will be given and the participants will have to write a script according to the situation.


Participants can participate in this event individually.An video clip will be played and the participants will have to answer different types of questions from it.

POEM WRITING(Bengali & English)

Participants can participate in this event individually.Two topics will be given on the spot.The participants will have to choose one topic and write a poem using his/her creativity.


Participants can participate in this event with a team.Each team will consist of 3 members.The topic will have to be Language or literature based.The participants can choose either Bengali or English.
Size: Minimum-3.5 feet (L) x 2.5 feet (W)
Maximum-4.5 feet (L) x 3 feet (W)

Participants will have to be present at our college campus on 16th September within 3 pm to 5 pm in order to submit their wall magazine.

Participants can participate in this event individually.
Theme: Open

For More Information:
Abrar Zahin Zinnurain :01521326170



1. Junior (Class VIII-X)
2. Intermediate (Class XI-XII)
3. Senior (University level)

Theme: Open

• Only online entries will be accepted. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Exhibition.
• Photos maybe either Color or Black & White.
• Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 Photos.
• There will be no fees necessary for submitting photos but Participants have to pay a registration fee of BDT 400 for EACH of his/her selected Photograph.
• All submissions are final. Further changes will not be allowed.

Submission Guidelines:
• File name of the photos need to be in this manner. Your Full Name_Your Institution_Group_Submission Number_Caption_Phone Number and accompanied by either JPG or JPEG file type extension.
• For example, Mohammad Tarek_Dhaka Residential Model College_Junior_Submission 1_City Life of Dhaka_0123456789.jpeg

• The Participants must be the sole owner of the copyright of each photograph submitted.
• Entries must be attached in an Email in accordance with file uploading instructions as detailed below: File must be in .JPEG or .jpg format.
• File must contain at least 3000 pixels on the longer side (width).
• Minimal digital manipulation (i.e. only manipulations such as color enhancement, cropping) is allowed. However, adding or removing key elements of the composition is strongly discouraged and may NOT be accepted for judging.
• Photographs bearing copyright/watermark stamp/logo will NOT be accepted.
• Selected Participants will have to pay their registration fees by BKASH for the selected Photo. The account number will be sent by email/SMS.

•We will give a total of fifteen prizes. Five from each Group, for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th.

Participants are required to email their entries to the following address :


Last date of submission: 7th September, 2015

For More Information :
Shakik Khan Protik : 01759113956

**For further information please contact:
-Abrar Zahin Zinnurain (President) – 01521326170
-Shakik Khan Protik (Vice President) – 01759113956
– Khalid Muntasir(Vice President) – 01716520145
– Jawad Mahmud Chowdhury(General Secretary) – 01827805018

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