What CAN I find in CANADA?

Author: Rakimul Haq (Class XI)

I still remember the day I stepped outside Asian soil for the first time. Fresh in my memory as if it was yesterday, or a cookie fresh out of the oven for that matter.

I’d heard so much about the country yet never thought that I would actually get to visit it at such a young age.

They say first impressions are very important. Thus, most other countries I had been to try to keep a flamboyant airport. However, this one was nothing out of the ordinary. So much so, that I was beginning to think, “Am I in the right country?” All my doubts evaporated the moment I stepped outside. As the cold breeze flew past me, with a reassuring confidence it said “Yes. This is indeed Canada.”

Canada is very well known for its astonishingly cold climate. The temperature drops drastically by the end of fall. It is quite an irony, that one of the coldest countries across the globe could produce such warm-hearted people

Seldom do they complain about the frequent snowstorms and blizzards and have learnt to accept this as a part of their everyday life. Going there from South Asia could really take some getting used to.

The fact that almost a million immigrants from the Indian subcontinent are settled in Canada failed to fathom me as I was already aware of the high standards of education there. Thousands of students fly there every year in the hope of completing higher education.

Graduates from the top-class universities are found worldwide, already established, and contributing to their country’s economy.

I later came to know that the reason behind this is that their main goal is to make the students job efficient.

However, I was not thinking about all this back when I first arrived there, at around the age of 10. The only thought in my mind was, “Where is this ‘wonder land’ that I’ve heard so much of. Is it actually the second best in the world?”

The best experience for me in Canada was visiting the Niagara falls. The largest waterfall on this terrestrial ball we call Earth, it was like God created it to hold USA and Canada in both hands. Keep them together, yet separate.

That was the first of many visits. Going to Canada taught me something, that there is so much this world has to offer. Starting from natural beauty to various cultures of different people, there is much more to discover. Since then, travelling became more than just a hobby.

Paradise in the skies

Written by:

Rakimul Huq, Class XI, Section

Some call it ‘heaven on Earth’, I prefer to call it ‘God’s gift to his creatures’. Such is the beauty of the small island on the East coast of Africa. Be it the most exotic beach on the planet or the best honeymoon spot, the first name that comes to mind is Mauritius. A small nation of thirty thousand has managed to win the hearts of millions of tourists world-wide, with their remarkable hospitality and amazing facilities.

It was a sunday morning, when I was awakened by the glimmer of sunshine that peeped through the curtains, onto my face. It was just another day in this amazing region; mouth watering food, breath taking views, and some heart warming hospitality. Yet what really made my day was an unforgettable experience by the beach.

Yes. this day I am talking about will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s the day I tried para-sailing. When the instructor belted me up to the parachute and the boat he asked me,”Do you really want to to do this? Boys your age usually do not have the courage.” “Relax.” I replied, “How bad can it be?”

But deep in my heart I knew how frightened I was. My heart was not shy about letting me know the raw terror it experienced causing it to pump faster and faster as the boat took off.

When I finally reached the maximum altitude I looked down to realize I was around seventy meters above sea level. Right underneath me was the Arabian sea, in its deepest shade of blue.

At that moment, the only thought in my head was, ‘what is the meaning of going into this?’ Just then, I looked around myself, and it helped me realize that it was all worth it in the end.

The view from the top was worth dying for, literally.

After a few more memorable days, I was back to reality.