IBMC #06 The Mass Media Challenge

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Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone


Geist the magician is a character from the video game dot hack link. Geist is german for Ghost. His end is ultimately tragic and memorable.



This challenge has asked this of me: Connect the picture above, a poem about a ghost, and something about a telephone in order to come up with a synthesized writing.

On the telephone I overheard

by means of cross connection

the strangest conversation

someone named Geist hated laggards

all he cared about were results

being a master of the occult

he planned to work his magic

to bring about a fate so tragic

it gave me goosebumps

thump thump thump

beat my wretched heart

giving away my position immediately

Geist vociferously vowed vengeance

 my phone choked in horror

as its coils of telephone wire recoiled in shock

I proceeded to make a run for it

outside, gasping for breathe

I stopped to catch the view

of what I knew

to be the last sun set

I might have the luxury to admire






New Sprint

I can’t hear myself think!

I’m invisible ink

Your eyes are ultra violet

enabling you to interpret

in the time it takes to blink

that I’m out of sync

with my immediate surroundings

how can you be so understanding,

when the rest of the world is demanding?

While my pen’s purpose is unclear

with you here

there is no cause for frequent fear

And I will remain of good cheer

My momentary melancholy appears

to disappear

as lots and lots

of dots…

accompanied by rorschach ink blots

along with scrapped plots

have transformed these thoughts

into Gordian knots

still I refuse

to forget my muse

even if the struggle is of no use

futile efforts shall produce

one line of genuinely good news

Midnight Kite

I write to delight

To see the sights

from precarious heights

vicariously if I can

For I am not one man

My soul takes flight

In the dead of night

with deep rooted inertia holding on tight

above the cotton clouds there is no space for fright

only soporific moonlight

set sail midnight kite

away from the constraints of time

Purposefully Purposeless

Of what use is a photograph

if it doesn’t make us laugh?

Of what use is a road map

if it doesn’t point out the traps?

Of what use is having a use?

Everything but the kitchen sink will fall into disuse!

  • everything but the kitchen sink
    phrase of kitchen sink
    1. 1.
      everything imaginable.