T.I.M.E: Time-travelling Imbecile Masters Empathy

Chapter 1: Leaving something to be desired

Written by: Not Anonymous

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The sky was painted red during the twilight. I was surrounded by leafless trees and snow in the courtyard of what I believe to be the school building. I don’t really know for certain, although it appears to be the most likely answer. And of course, it was cold. Oh, so very cold. Winter, it came, and I didn’t even get to brace myself.

All that aside there was one thing confusing me. What am I even doing here? I mean seriously, I don’t know. I don’t think that I’m that absent minded to find myself wandering into slightly familiar courtyards with an absolutely unfamiliar serious-looking girl in front of me.

Speaking of the unfamiliar girl, why is she talking to me? I just stare blankly at her. She had short red messy hair, gray eyes and wore an auburn scarf. But what caught my eye was her clothes. If I remember correctly, it’s the uniform of the school I’m supposed to take classes in starting tomorrow. A black blazer, a tie and a long skirt for girls, pants for guys.

I realize I’m starting to stray off the subject. I will try not to digress. So, here is my objective: Go home. Hopefully, with a clear cut SMART objective in mind, it will spur goal oriented behavior which further motivates my typically lethargic self. I mean really, what the heck am I even doing here? It’s best to just think about it when I get home.

But here’s the problem. It’s the girl. What does she want really? I haven’t really been giving her any attention. Though she didn’t notice so I’m glad about that. I might not be fond of my fellow human beings, but I dislike discourtesy. I’m strange that way.

“I see…” I say interrupting her speech. I wasn’t trying to do that but hey, least she stopped talking. Socializing has never been my strong suit.

She looks up facing the setting sun as a cold breeze makes the scene quite dramatic. I cared little about that and hugged my dark blue scarf for warmth.

“I… see…” She said in a low whisper just enough for me to hear. Dear lord, this is confusing.

“Will you be coming to school tomorrow?” She asked with strong eyes facing my way.

“Sure…” I say nonchalantly. I mean tomorrow’s the first day. If I could’ve skipped classes, I would have in a heartbeat.

Her reply was  barely audible, and she ran off soon afterward into the building. As I take a closer look at the building I realize that this IS the school I’m being admitted to. So why am I even here? I was still clutching my scarf. And once I become slightly self-conscious I realize I am wearing the school uniform too, much to my confusion.

But fretting on that is bothersome. I just want to go home already. I find the main gate after wandering around the school grounds trying to find the damn thing, just to find two figures standing there. One of whom calls out to me.
“Lucius, over here.” The taller one said as she raised her arm beckoning to me. Her, I knew. Perhaps much too well. This was my identical twin sister Lucia. Her being the dominant twin… I look like her almost to an uncomfortable degree. Lucia has emerald eyes, a slender face, a short nose and long straight black hair. As far as facial features go I look exactly like her much to my discomfort. Although my hair is much shorter, barely reaching my neck. Also. I’m male. But I often do get mistaken as a girl……damn people.

“What happened?” She asked me as if she was interrogating me. As she ended her sentence the other figure approached us. I knew her too. Why wouldn’t I since she comes to my house at least once every week?  How could I forget Margret, my twin sister’s best friend! She is not as tall as Lucia and me. She has auburn hair tied up in a somewhat long ponytail, blue eyes and an eager face. I don’t know what I mean by that. I thought it was the most appropriate adjective.

As my train of thoughts end, I realize how dull it is to describe people. And as I mull over that, I realize I’m being talked to. Maybe I am a bit absent minded.

“So?” Asked Margret. Who seemed to be holding a poker face…I don’t know.

But then I realize that they’re asking me an unreasonable question since even I don’t know what the heck is going on. I mean really how am I supposed to answer that. So I try to end the conversation.

“Nothing really.”

There was a brief pause for a moment when all of a sudden I was shoved down by my sister in a rather aggressive fashion. Me being the frail boy I am fell to the snow embracing the cold. My scarf landed gently beside me. “I can tell. Just from the look on your face I can tell.” She says. “You really are-

“Make sure you take your books, Lucia.” All of a sudden I hear my father’s voice in front of me, my gaze fixated on a half-eaten toast.

Wait, what?

I take a look around to find myself in the dining room. Lucia was sitting across me munching on her toast while eagerly faffing about on her phone. Doing what people with friends do I suppose. And my dad lecturing Lucia about her usual forgetfulness.

Dad, what are you doing? You look like you’re going to pass out any time now.

And pass out he did once he went into his bedroom. If it were three years ago I would have worried. But now this is just part of his daily routine. Write articles all night, prepare breakfast, and collapse. My father is a stay-at-home husband who writes articles to make some money. My mother, on the other hand, works abroad.

As both me and Lucia ignore the loud thump that came from the master bedroom (it was our father just passing out.) I was in a state of utter confusion. I mean c’mon what just happened. A few minutes ago Lucia was glaring at me with killing intent. And now she’s staring at her phone eating her toast in a child-like manner. To put it bluntly, I’m spooked. Was I day-dreaming? No way that was way too realistic to be me simply day dreaming. What was I, Azathoth? This was surreal. Much too surreal.

At that moment, Lucia finished devouring her breakfast and looked at me with much excitement. In the midst of her childish eating she stopped and asked, “What’s up? You look more confused than usual.”

“Are you implying that I normally look confused?”

“It’s true. Whenever you space out you look either excited or confused.” She takes a moment to swallow. “Also you look more motivated than usual too.”

“Are you saying I look unmotivated?”


Well, I’m too unmotivated to retort.

“Anyway, we’re walking to school with Margret. So be polite.”

“Why do I have to be polite?” I ask expressing annoyance.

“Because we’re all in the same class and she’s part of the health committee.”

“So they decided all that in the orientation? Just like that?”

“Oh yeah, you didn’t go to the orientation.”

“It was yesterday; how could you forget?” I only went to the school for the entrance exams. Ah, shit I completely forgot about that weird vision. I guess, I really was day dreaming. I wonder how spooked I would be if I went to school to find that red haired girl…. shit what if I do?

“You’re spacing out agai-

At that moment, a doorbell was heard. And I was dragged to it violently, a black figure falling off my lap and hastily scurried away. So Hera had been sitting on my lap? How did I not notice? Maybe I really am Absent minded. It was Hera, my cat, entirely painted (Not literally. No animal abuse.) black. I feel slightly disappointed that I didn’t notice sooner.

Well you see Hera is basically the only sentient being I adore.

I exited the house. It was cold. ‘I wanna go home.’ – I repeated that in my head like a mantra. My heavenly chanting was interrupted with a heavy pat on the back from Lucia.

“This here is my baby brother Lucius!” She said rather proudly. As I shifted my gaze from the snow, I noticed Margret, clad in the school uniform, staring intensely at me.

“By a day, damn it…”  I reply with a grunt.

“Just when I thought the world couldn’t handle two Lucias.” Margret burst out laughing.

“I don’t know why it’s funny to her, I found it to be quite annoying. I give her a menacing glare, which was met with more laughter. I don’t know why she’s making this such a big deal. I mean we’ve seen each other quite a few times. In my house. Eating my food. All under the accompaniment of my sister. You see this is why my only love is Hera.

“And this is my friend Margret.” Lucia started looking to me and back to her. And again looking to me and back to her. As if realizing I’m not her.

“Now that we’re formally introduced, let’s shake hands!” She offered my hand and laughed at my reluctance. Geez, why the heck does she laugh so much. It’s annoying. Shut uuuup.

I place my hand ever so hesitantly and receive the most hyper handshake I have ever received. Now that I think about who was the last person I shook hands with? I can’t remember. Must be very far down the past.

We begin commuting to school on feet. Already hating it. “So Lucius, are you excited?” Margret asks with a big grin on her face. Oh, do I look excited to you???

“You wouldn’t believe how much he was complaining when the entrance exams ended.” Lucia weighs in her unwanted statement.

“Oh c’mon, it’ll be fun. Right, Lucy?” Margret replies when instantly I cringe. Lucy. That was my nickname all throughout school. Being in an all-boys one can easily imagine how that is totally not a good thing. Being girly looking and unsocial, I wasn’t really the apex popular kid in school. And it was through their mockery that I learned that people are a bunch of assholes that need to die a slow horrible death. I like my life solitary. I should be called the Dragonborn.

“We worked really hard to get into this school, you know? I wonder how our classmates will be like.”

“Oh yeah, Anthony and his sister are in the same class as us as well.” She briefly pauses and looks at me. “Teehee, two brother-sister combos.”

I knew Anthony. He too, albeit very rarely, came into my house and ate my food under the accompaniment of my sister. However, I Don’t know about this sister of his.

“Well, Anthony and Eliza aren’t twins, Eliza just skipped a grade!” Lucia said trying to kill Margret’s hype.

Well that’s reassuring. I’d be very random quirky development ex machina if they were twins too.

And this point I realize. This is boring. So and utterly boring. I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one bored.

For now, I just wanna sleep. And thus I begin my ever so cunning plan of taking a nap in class. Napping in class on the first day is a bad idea, but I’m too tired for this shit. Lucia and Margret’s boring conversations about our soon to be classmates is boring.


We finally reach school— FINALLY. And I begin preparing myself for the self-satisfaction of sleeping in class. I dunno. For some reason, it’s more fulfilling to sleep in class.

Lucia and Margret point me towards my classroom. Margret leaves for some errand involving the health committee. Lucia joined her to faff about. And I take a look at the seating arrangement to find my name. Around the center eh? Oh well. I take my seat and try to sleep. Bliss here I come. It might have been just a short while, but it felt like forever. I feel like with this, I can end all of this, whatever that’s going on.

“Ummm…. excuse me.” A voice called out while I was trying my goddamned hardest to sleep. I respond to give a glare but…. the messy red hair… the eyes…. there is……no doubt about…. What in the heck…

“Ah, um…” She seemed rather taken aback by my dumbfounded expression. “Ah…t-that’s my seat.”


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