Dead Spot

Dead Spot meaning:

an area in which radio or cell phone signals are weak and their reception poor. 
(Basically isolation or being cut off temporarily from the world for whatever reason)
This piece is special to me because after I wrote it I was going to submit it to the school authorities for the year book… but as things turned out it was not meant to be… a few guys thought it would be funny if they snatched my back pack and read this it out in public before tearing it into shreds. *shrug* I kept writing. Public opinion is irrelevant.

The window is open still

And will be for ages until

All is illuminated by this vision

No boundaries, no division

As the world is lit by candle light

Already beginning to lose sight

For every wrong there is a right

He who shall end the eternal night

It’s easier to succumb to greed

Than attempting an honest deed

But think before you act

Weight the gravity of its impact

What the shadow fails to hide

Is that a coin has more than one side

Reality warps as those tears

Let loose a thousand fears

Can you sense the gentle breeze?

A million souls it shall subtly freeze

Feel the rain wash away your regrets

Late at dawn when the sun sets

Through bleeding eyes glimpse

As the fading light of an eclipse

Begin to take shape and define

Something different, something divine

Let those who have been stained

From this day forth be forever unchained

Silently he has grieved

on behalf of the deceived

But now the time has come

To save the silenced, the lonesome

Giving voice to the echoes

He casts aside their shadows

Daytime leaks through the shutters

In the corner a lone butterfly flutters

Meanie The Genie: Recycled Happiness

Written by Ruminator (Also known as Abrar)

‘What is true?’

That was all it took for a solitary thought to impart some semblance of meaning to me: truth is an ageless face with creases of worry sketched into its forehead. Truth no longer has any self-esteem. It suffers at the hand of a sycophant known to me as ambition. In short, Truth is not a chronic worrier, rather it is a chronic warrior, one that has been fighting from dusk to dawn just to remain free of bias. There is not a shadow of a doubt that Truth has fallen prey to the wily charms of its cousin the ever so sweet prevaricating lie.

Mother always told me that if I ever went in search of the absolute truth, the first place I should look must be our local convenience store. There I could purchase it at half the typical retail price.


which brings me to this moment…

Riddled with bullet holes and smelling of moth paintball the gray curtains could not help but watch in horror as unadulterated daylight passed right through them. A rather opaque sight for the mind to digest. Then came the ghastly wind, giving the poor curtains goosebumps. Droplets of rain soon joined the fray soaking a chillingly cold cloth in acid rain. The general stationed in the sun must have noted the dismay in my eyes for he sent more troops. Before long sunlight burned through my ragtag defenses, spiraled and nose-dived into my eyes like a kamikaze pilot. I must have fainted because my mind went blank, kind of like your answers or lack thereof in response to a surprise math quiz.

Nothing works the way it’s supposed to. Nothing. I wouldn’t even be in this sorry mess if I hadn’t been ruminating all night. In fact, It was now impossible to tell if the real nightmare was just a bad dream or reality. More on that later, first let me kvetch about the situation at hand.

Picture this: Majestically lying inside the world’s most hygienic dumpster-a metaphorical one- was a kid. Littered all around him were pieces of scrapped paper. Either he had writer’s block or he harbored a grudge against trees. Had the RRRR- radical, reduce, reuse and recycle – environmentalists found him, they would surely have taken pity on him and upgraded his status from tramp to trampled. Safe to say, to the boy that topic- one rife with social justice warrior’s tears- was #1 on the list of tabooed taboos.

Who could the person in question possibly be?