Mission Statement: To create fission of thought and create something new altogether

This bi-monthly e-magazine is published by the Creative Writing Club of Scholastica, Senior Section Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

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the creative brainchild of the students who have contributed should not be plagiarized under any circumstances.

The blog’s logo has been created by¬†Mushfik Rahman of Saint Joseph School & College. He is a member of the science club and the chess club. He dabbles in photoshop and other creative endeavours such as the cultural forum as well as creating wall magazines.

As a writer you have to motivate yourself, not to write just another book to put up on a shelf but to capture life as you see it. This is the primary motive of the club.

Our slogan: Write to delight

This marks the official inauguration of the website. Please enjoy the sight!

Widek’s instrumentals are instrumental to getting my creative juices flowing so why not give it a try?