My rebirth

January 27 2016, I still remembered that day. I was a lonely human with no purpose or meaning in my life (or so I thought) wandering through the sea of darkness helplessly trying to find the light.

No matter how much I ran, it was always like an endless road, soon my strength ebbed away from me and I was lying still with a shattered soul.

Who was I, I couldn’t say, I had lost my personal identity.

My eyes were blinded by hatred; the truth was shrouded in darkness.

I was dead inside.


“Enough is enough!” I said to myself. I was driven by insanity, I was burning in anguish.  That fateful decision was  made quickly before time ran out, I knew my days were numbered. I was walking down the path that almost led to my destruction! My fate was sealed.


But one day, two angels descended from the Kingdom of light in the form of a human being. Their hearts were clear as a mirror, eyes full of hope. An aura of love surrounded their body. They used the holy light to open my eyes; I could now finally see the truth, even though I am limited in my physical body, I must soar higher in the sky and break every barrier that comes my way.

My world was covered in light once again…


*Note: There is no honor in taking your life, always remember this “Live with honor, fight with honor and die with honor”.

Contributed by:

Raihan Musa, a man who doesn’t let limits differentiate him from others, but uses them to illustrate to others that the only one that can set a limit is the individual.

IBMC #01 The Perfect Match

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Captain Flint was crestfallen. Had the clock turned back a few hours, one might have caught him beaming as if Christmas had come early, but now only a vacuous smile decorated his facial features. The Cap’n was bold but Lady Luck had not graced him with her favor. However, that was not enough to trouble him, he was a man of honor not a soldier of fortune who would sail only when things looked promising. He had given his word and he meant to keep it: he would live through this. Unlike his namesake a Pirate of ill repute, Flint fought fair and square, which is why he lost what initially appeared to be a nondescript duel between him and his mutinous quartermaster John Stone. Ironically, Flint now stranded on an island- a casteaway no less- could not light a fire with a flint, so he relied on the last of his matches, a perfect one that had not been lost to damp owing to rainfall to provide some semblance of warmth and commiseration. Reluctantly his eyes trailed the distant horizon which the smoke signal moved toward like a magic carpet… in a momentary lapse of sanity he burst into laughter because he thought it was a fitting scene which represented how his hope had gone up in smoke.

Gist: In essence, what I wanted to capture was how things don’t always go our way in life and how we may as well laugh at our misfortunes and learn from them.




Existence In A Nutshell

You sit there in the epicenter of the interrogation room beneath a suspended light. Your thoughts are at a standstill. You tell yourself that there is nothing of importance to see on the other side of the one way glass. Nothing that matters to condemned men such as yourself, anyway.

Summoning every last ounce of courage, you walk up to the mirror and make faces like the childlike   Mr. Bean you are  at the people standing perplexed on the other side of the screen. Satisfied, and with a similar smile to Caspar the friendly ghost on your face, you sit back down on the last of the musical chairs.

Metallica had a song for this moment, they called it ‘Ride The Lightning’. Which is why the lyrics, “Who made you God to say, ‘I’ll take your life from you!’?” was looping endlessly in your head. Fortunately, your spirit wasn’t as broken as the prison system or the justice system so it was bearable.

They weren’t able to forgive you, but you saw past your faults and knew that you were merely human, and to err is human, so you forgave yourself. The only forgiveness that matters.

ventriloquists would have a tough time imitating the wail that was sung by your vocal chords when the lightning struck.

All your feelings and memories filled to the brim with hope, regret, repentance, everything that made you- you, they were all gone in a flash, just at the flick of a switch, erased like a bad satirical cartoon sketch in a second rate newspaper.


The Wolf who cried, “Boy!”

Written by:

Rafsan Al Mamun, Class XI, The astronaut guy.

Days and Days that pass,
Unsure if the thoughts may last.
Filled with sorrow I am,
Like crying to my shepherd,
this stubborn old lamb.
Peace the mammal feels,
But its heart never seals.
Never has the wool been cut off,
all it does is continue to live forth.
Like running away from the wolf,
Like getting trapped away in a booth.
The sun never rises, Light never reach my lenses.
Darkness, one face, Still stuck at the same phase.
Clouds continue to form,
Like replanting a defused bomb.
Lying on my back with my eyes closed,
Feels as if I’m overdosed.
Bring out the silence in me,
but all I hear is the waves of the sea.
All I see is the broken-ed down tree,
Why am I still not free?
As I travel on a journey.
One continues to stay within me.
Life seems to have stopped,
Like my heartbeat giving a painful throb.
Wished it could be like Adam and eve.
but the other refuses to receive.
Weeks and Months one waits,
Never stop flowing the many painful dates.
The thoughts that flow down,
still I am bound.
Wish I could shoot myself with a gun,
the heart never fails to weigh a ton.
The months were like years,
Kicks in the many fearful fears.
Whether this will be understood.
Uneasy one may could.
Like Romeo and Juliet,
The body experiences many riots.
Wished there could be hope……
In this steep yet gentle slope…..