Zero Moment Of Truth

At times we search for solutions to our problems on Google. Now, the thing is, are we are aware about the nature of the problem?


Exaggeration or understating the problem can often lead to unsatisfying answers. Think simply, do not complicate an otherwise straightforward situation.

Self diagnosis can be fairly accurate, but admit that it is impossible to be constantly aware of everything. Embrace the struggle of life even though it might at times seem rather futile. Like all those assignments we have to submit with 12 size New Times Roman font.

Be patient. It takes up to 3.3 bn years and a lot of pressure for diamonds to form and yet here they are in the current world.

Attempt to use different tools of thoughts to analyse the situation. Connect the invisible dots. Keep asking yourself, “so what?” until you get to the bottom of the problem.

Somewhere out there an entrepreneur has most likely come up with a solution for your woes,  as google will undoubtedly show you. However, take the initiative and try to become self reliant. Do what you can.