Acrostic Poem: Apathy

*Featured image is an allusion to Naruto (anime) where kakashi is always late -I haven’t posted in a while- and explains his tardiness with that selfsame quote.

Before Eid -a week or so beforehand- it is common for people to buy new apparel. On my way to the shoe store known as BATA I encountered a man with no arms or legs.

He had been in an accident involving a train which did not have a trained safety instructor looking into its many defects, consequently leading to the man’s present state.

My cognitive backlog had built up from hours of ruminating and reading the newspaper for a trace of good news -which still eludes me to this day- but the somber sight of the man with his winning smile in the wake of a life that had known so much defeat jolted me to my senses.

It was then that I observed scores of shoppers vacuously perusing the contents of the shoe store but paying no heed to the lame man. After a good fifteen minutes of silent observation had passed, I paid the man all I had to offer, which to me seemed to be a better investment than a new pair of shoes I would only wear on weekends- most of which I spend indoors, reading or playing co-op games on steam.

*First letter of each line spells apathy…

Appreciation of the simple things of life

Perchance, a feeling lost to man

As it stands, it’s inconsequential to be able to walk or talk

Taken for granted are the things we can do

Have we not chased the appearance of things long enough?

Yearning for this not to be true