IBMC #07 The Newspaper Challenge

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You are going to pick up a news paper article. Either online or take a snapshot from the hard copy paper. Use appropriate reference for the article you have used. You need to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article.

gran dad.PNG

My Grandfather was a productive man. During the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971 when the field marshall’s men were looking for him to put a stop to his pro-liberation poetry and songs, he had hid in a small room of a house which was within close proximity of a remote village. In the midst of this  difficult chapter of his life, he chose to put his time to good use. How so? With him he had carried  an anthology of Emily Dickinson’s poetry, as a result he utilized the spare time on his hands by translating the contents of the compilation into Bengali.

Of course, he was like that for  most of his life according to various accounts. Once, when he was abroad working on a thesis of his, he almost worked himself to death. Fortunately, his friend who was also pursuing a degree at the same university came to check on him after he was absent for a day. My grandfather was found lying in bed unable to get up owing to a mind numbing amount of pain from his back which was a result of poor posture. Apparently, he spent a great deal of time at his study desk hunching over one tome or the other.

Recently, few people aside from the intelligentsia of the nation remember him or his work. A point often overlooked by my generation is that innovation does not come in leap or bounds, and that history should not be learned for the sake of history… to be sure if one builds on the foundation laid by the past  it is possible to internalize the wisdom of ages past and avoid pitfalls. On a positive note, I knew him to be a man who lived to write and contribute to shape a better tomorrow for his posterity, in this case, I have ruled that the intention was more important than the result. With this in mind I’ve found my closure.


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