IBMC #03 Risk A Random Challenge

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I did my homework while still in school, when questioned why I replied that it was more convenient and the institution was like a second home. If a straight line moves along the Earth’s surface, due to the curvature it will eventually come full circle and be shaped like an ellipsoidal! If I’m wrong about being wrong does that make me right? A flock of flightless birds soared spiritedly into the sky before plunging into the Ocean like Icarus. The eye of Horus winked. My CPU threw a temper tantrum. Astonishingly the light of his soul flickered in the language of re-morse code. He had great faith that I had none. Is the objective of life to have a subjective or objective experience of reality? Is mankind kind? I wish that I had nothing to wish for. With an anti-midas touch he turned the inanimate gold into life.



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