IBMC #04 Hunt A Haiku Challenge

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The nature of the challenge is that I take this Haiku and continue it, respond with my own, or write a story which is relevant.

Haiku 01
expressions of face
happy sad angry frown shy
face is the index

autumn leaf as hair

frozen winter snowman stare

sweet summer smile flare



IBMC #03 Risk A Random Challenge

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I did my homework while still in school, when questioned why I replied that it was more convenient and the institution was like a second home. If a straight line moves along the Earth’s surface, due to the curvature it will eventually come full circle and be shaped like an ellipsoidal! If I’m wrong about being wrong does that make me right? A flock of flightless birds soared spiritedly into the sky before plunging into the Ocean like Icarus. The eye of Horus winked. My CPU threw a temper tantrum. Astonishingly the light of his soul flickered in the language of re-morse code. He had great faith that I had none. Is the objective of life to have a subjective or objective experience of reality? Is mankind kind? I wish that I had nothing to wish for. With an anti-midas touch he turned the inanimate gold into life.



IBMC #02 Freeze a Photograph Challenge

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IBMC #01 The Perfect Match



What’s the story behind this photograph? I live in the concrete jungle Dhaka city, known to some as the second least desirable city to reside in. Make of that what you will. Small surprise then, that I wanted to get away from it all. For a few tranquil days I visited my hometown of Khorki, which is situated in Jessore. Like the lotus Odysseus encounters on his return journey which induces a state of repose in the hearts and minds of men, this home away from home quickly found a special place in my heart, and like the Lotus Eaters I had to be forced by a reality check to pack my bags so I could catch the next flight back to Dhaka.


IBMC #01 The Perfect Match

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Captain Flint was crestfallen. Had the clock turned back a few hours, one might have caught him beaming as if Christmas had come early, but now only a vacuous smile decorated his facial features. The Cap’n was bold but Lady Luck had not graced him with her favor. However, that was not enough to trouble him, he was a man of honor not a soldier of fortune who would sail only when things looked promising. He had given his word and he meant to keep it: he would live through this. Unlike his namesake a Pirate of ill repute, Flint fought fair and square, which is why he lost what initially appeared to be a nondescript duel between him and his mutinous quartermaster John Stone. Ironically, Flint now stranded on an island- a casteaway no less- could not light a fire with a flint, so he relied on the last of his matches, a perfect one that had not been lost to damp owing to rainfall to provide some semblance of warmth and commiseration. Reluctantly his eyes trailed the distant horizon which the smoke signal moved toward like a magic carpet… in a momentary lapse of sanity he burst into laughter because he thought it was a fitting scene which represented how his hope had gone up in smoke.

Gist: In essence, what I wanted to capture was how things don’t always go our way in life and how we may as well laugh at our misfortunes and learn from them.