Fickle Flash Fiction


Fans of the superhero Flash I regret to inform you that flash fiction does not necessarily deal with your favorite comic book hero 😦


AN: this writing… clearly is not flash fiction, I apologize if the title appears to be misleading… the choice of words was deliberate in that today I was thinking about how little time we allocate to understanding others relative to the time we make snap judgments about their character… if we’re going to interpret/characterize someone’s life story… might as well do it right…please note that it is not my intention to suggest in any capacity that flash fiction is bad…it’s not my call to make after all…


“Say has Ahmed called in sick? It’s not like him to be tardy”

“Don’t expect to hear from him anytime soon, he’s standing in line collecting the wages of sin as we speak, and it’s a lamentably long line for a sum that’s as paltry as the poultry we eat once a fortnight.”

“What on Earth are you insinuating? Pray tell!”

“I see. You’ve not heard then. He got the axe for duplicating receipts and charging customers more than the service fee so he could pocket the extra. “

“That doesn’t sound like the Ahmed we know. Polite, patient, pensive, he’s not a man to make rash decisions that jeopardizes a job he’s held for so long.”

“Can you blame him really? He’s worked for the organization longer than all of us put together, and yet what did he have to show for his input, the sweat above his brow perhaps. Years of backbreaking work translated into cries of woe at the sight of the proverbial stork…”

“Surely that doesn’t excuse him from the moral imperative of ethical conduct at work. Yes, the utility bills add up, and our line of work leaves little time for much else, still it’s honest work and what more does a man need?”

“The ability to pay his child’s tuition, methinks. It’s every parent’s dream to see their child pursuing the dreams that they themselves were unable to fulfill.”

“Nonsense, what with all these state funded schools, there’s no necessity for a lot of money.”

“Sure, provided that you win the lottery of birth. The kids who don’t have to juggle part time jobs with their studies have a comparative advantage and it shows in the CGPA.”

“Well when you put it that way although I will stick to my viewpoint that his actions were immoral to say the least, I do concede that his intention was not inherently wrong in that he was doing it for someone else’s sake. I only wish that he had more faith in his progeny.”

“Yes, it’s best to not let emotions cloud our better judgement, but to be completely devoid of any and all emotion is the height of folly. Just look at Spock or Gregor Samsa, work can be dehumanizing… however, that’s only the case if one lets it be… and with that I take my leave.”

“Until next time. Oh, and would that be leave with or without pay?”

 “How very droll, well you know what I mean, no need to read too deeply into it.”


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