I found myself logging into ask fm today after what seems to have been a year. Here are some of the more interesting replies I may have given in response to questions by anonymous individuals.

Why do zombies attack?

To gain xp

You’re an interviewer. Your job is plain and simple(theoretically). All you have to do is pick 1 person from 3 “equally qualified” individuals to work for the firm. The first man is poor, the second was rich until only recently but now he is the unhappiest and the third is chronically ill.

Firstly this is a normative question. It is outside my professional capacity when I start thinking about how things “should be”.

If I employed the poor man, I would help someone who has worked hard to raise the value of his human capital when he could have spent his meager resources to subsist without any ambition. Someone who needs that one shot in life will work harder than anyone else to keep it, which will work in favor of the company by boosting productivity. This will likely improve his financial status and standard of living for his kids and so on.

(re-allocation of resources)

Arguably the second man is the least desirable candidate as he has been happy before and received many privileges the other two candidates could not have even dreamed of but he is not to blame for that. I don’t know how many of you are acquainted with the story “Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde…but from what I can tell, those who have not come face to face with poverty cannot handle it so well. Furthermore, everything starting from your accent, rigid behavior and formal attitude will mark you- which only makes it harder to deal with. Let’s be honest, this guy got the least sympathy. He’d be the happiest if someone assisted him. How many of you would discard your pride and turn from prince to pauper willingly? With that being said, men of means tend to have contacts so that may come in handy. However, it can be disputed that if he had useful contacts he wouldn’t be looking for a job.

(highest net gain in happiness)

Personally I’d choose the third as someone who is chronically ill will have medical expenses and that will weigh down on their standard of living. Alleviating the pain through treatment is vital and to those saying that unhealthy people won’t contribute to the workforce properly, I’ll simply say though your argument has merit, these human beings are not going to stand down and just take charity you know? Also, chronic means a constant pain and not terminal illness which threatens the life at any moment.

(pride and independence)

Do you think there is life on other planets?

I don’t think there is life on this planet. We’re all zombies being told how to live.

What music are you listening to right now?

In bloom by nirvana.. it’s about Kurt’s fans not understanding his music and how that depressed him

In three words, how would you describe your best friend?

“me”, “myself”, and “I”.

Who are you?

A man of many masks, yet one who wears none.


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