Digital Amnesia

Fragments of remembrance

are like a poem learned in childhood by rote

a novel line or two I wrote

 the rest being largely contributed by others

starting from memories with brothers and grandmothers

while accessing all those micro magical moments

not once did I let antipathy foment

knowing full well

nostalgia’s spell

lasts only so long

but broken bonds still stay strong

I learned without appreciating fully

just how incredibly insipid instants could pass me by dully

though I may suffer from digital amnesia

black and white pictures color outside the lines

memoirs with its concomitant hardcover book spines

perennial pages perused in the market place of ideas

act as  an alternative analogue ambrosia

an advanced age

of 128 gigabyte solid state drives package deals

come along with  2 bit hearts

Technology changes the way memories are formed. You can always google the birthday of your friend -that is if you don’t wait for facebook to send you a notification- among other things. There are interesting tools available such as that of the website Future Me where you can address an e-mail to yourself in the future. I’ve met people who go to exclusive places just to take selfies and post it on the internet. Since when did experience make room for what others thought of the experience and get ranked accordingly? When I hear people say “Live a little” I don’t assume they mean on the internet! Not that netizens are not entitled to their memories on mmorgps or internet relay chats, it’s just that those should not be a replacement for off-screen memories but rather a complement.


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