I would passionately paint a proper picture of the context

but what’s the point?

They’d just as soon accuse me of  pretext

and also assume I’m guilty as charged

School why do you try

to play me for a fool?

Whenever I asked a question to learn

A slap on the wrist was my reward

for speaking out of turn!

So many times I was made to stand

because I wanted to better understand

what it was of me that you demand

isn’t school life just grand?

While you were busy conveniently turning a blind eye

for anyone rich enough to hail from Versailles

 the rest of us had to fend for ourselves

borrowing whatever books we could from the library shelves

Ten years worth of tension

 a decadent decade of condescension

waking up to apprehension

you were never my ikigai

yet I managed to get by

volition lost to velleity

has been killing me

now by my own decree

I will not return to the pursuit of a degree

but of knowledge itself

so I can better understand myself


One thought on “Velleity

  1. Love this word, thanks. As far as school, it is unfortunate that it is more about conformity and standards than it is about learning for all. I do believe in education, it’s just that not everyone gets one from the system. And I hated grade school and high school and would never go back. In a college philosophy class a teacher asked everyone, who didn’t work well in the school system? I raised my hand with a few others. She said, you guys are the independent thinkers lol. Cheers independent thinker, we are learners for life 🙂

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