“The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but it fell far enough to conveniently land on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, or so we’ve been told. Later on, we found out that he was actually drinking tea in his garden when he observed an apple falling and put two and two together to get four.”, said True Owl.

“Wait! If that’s the case,  why did we change the events to make it appear more dramatic?”, inquired Screech Owl.

“Why did Archimedes of Syracuse jump out of his tub and run around the neighborhood stark naked proclaiming ‘Eureka!’? How could Thale possibly fall into a wishing well while intently gazing at the fiery lit orbs we call stars?”

“Your guess is as good as mine!”

“Indeed, to put it simply, we have an appetite for said comic recounts which do have a certain tendency to stretch the truth even if for no other reason than to make us laugh while at the same time taking care to teach us a simple truth.”, posited True owl.


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