Lipotes= Left Behind

Vexillifer= Flag Bearer

A.k.a Baiji

Approx. 25 million years old species (Older than the Andes) that was driven to extinction by mankind.


While we are fishing for compliments on Facebook

species are being dragged to the brink of extinction

by a simple tool- the fisherman’s hook

Surfing the net has never been more fun

trapped in a small oxygen bubble of perception, we ignore what is being done

living in a virtual world where being caught up in the net is nice

and electric fishing is virtually unheard of

the newsfeed is populated by little fish manipulated by galvanotaxis

moving at the puppeteers beckon

thinking the worst of phishing

all the while forgetting much the same can be said for fishing







One thought on “Galvanotaxis

  1. Quote: ‘trapped in a small oxygen bubble of perception’
    Love that line, the poem… and the only way to recognize it is having found ourselves momentarily without air. And totally agree with the statement about indifference.

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