Clochard (beggars can be choosers)

My friend, Don’t go around giving alms
to every man holding up his palms
The money would be better spent
if you gave it to me instead so that I could pay rent
for that man right there,
can easily afford to pay our bus fare
make no mistake, he is my landlord!
who became a professional clochard of his own accord!


Rumor had it that a man had gotten on a bus, was in the middle of a lively chat with the person sitting next to him when the bus got stuck at one of Dhaka’s famous traffic gridlocks. A beggar came by and asked for some change, the interlocutor was about to oblige when the man stopped him and said the beggar was in fact his land lord who made more money through begging than he could after an honest day’s hardwork.

Well as skeptical as you may feel right now, note that in Bangladesh people have bought farmland, built hospitals for the poor, and much more just by begging. Also, beggars don’t have to pay tax. :p

Beggars can be choosers! 😉 (only in Bangladesh)





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