Google Forms

I do apologize most profusely to the readers of this blog for not being active as of late. I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. Sadly, that doesn’t excuse me from school tests and I have a lot to catch up on for the second quarter, not to mention that my half yearly exams are due in a week. Fortunately, exams are when emotions run high so I’ll be more active next month thanks to the inevitable surplus of emotion that is likely to result from the exams. Maybe it’ll add to my writing? I hope so!

Oh, and I was just experimenting with google forms, pretty useful website if I may say so.

Have a good day, and take good care of your health lest you end up like me. Not that it’s too uncommon to have a cold during the cold month of November.


edit: Do not attempt to fill out the survey as it is just a demo :p


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