Your Inferiority Complex Is Better Than Mine

Inferiority complex,

you are no less complex than any other complex!

Those simpletons fail to understand,

what it is that you demand,

which is why they act so aggressively,

As it stands, you have taught me to take myself for granted,

keeping me on my toes,

Even when I’m not surrounded by foes,

leading to a steady stream of round the clock hard work

And further labels, for instance: dork.

I suppose that’s quite natural,

many think being industrious isn’t worth a penny

as it all comes down to talent,

What use is talent if it is latent?

A bear that hibernates is vulnerable to drastic changes in weather

it’s not a question of whether or not you have given it all you’ve got

it boils down to what you think is a lot more than what you’re willing to give

our eyes are ever ready to deceive, so there is no limit to what we wish to receive

can there never be a dearth of woes? Why must it be that such an Earth no one knows?

Always adamantly advising me not to be ego enchanted

or leave things the way they are

understandably, I feel that the only person I am truly inferior to

is the one I am capable of being, and seeing that

I’m glad I stopped by to have this chat with the mirror

from now on I’ll learn by way of trial and error


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