My Story Isn’t MY Story.

I have a dream:

One day I will stop dreaming.

Take things at their face value,

Stop soul searching for intrinsic meaning.

Be serious about slacking,

lying truthfully, and cheating honestly.

Doing all this in earnest!

Endless limited possibilities,

Simply waiting to put them to the test,

So I can lull my guilty conscience into innocuous rest.

jack frost


One thought on “My Story Isn’t MY Story.

  1. This is a very fascinating way of seeing life and honestly, I got to learn how to add that music in the background! Trust me, you always set a bench mark with your writings that I can never reach. I love how you think one step ahead and one inch out of the box. I love it so very much. This is very deep and love how your ideas evolve. You compel the reader to reconsider their thinking for at least the time being. It is amazing how you capture the attention of the reader. I truly gravitated towards the title and I am awed by how you haven’t mentioned any of those words in the poem and yet made your point real clear, obvious and to the point. For me, it was initiating the idea that life is so much more than we can imagine and sometimes, we need to stop and think that those who set the rules of the world are no smarter than we are. This is extremely well-thought poetry, if I may say. The first two lines are contradictory yet complementing in a fascinating way. I love it! It’s like creating your own universe around you. “lying truthfully, and cheating honestly.” Haha these two made me smile. Really smartly put. So, I guess I can say too “My Story Isn’t MY Story.” #ApplauseAndRespect

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