Elvis Has Left The Building

written by: Tousif Habib

I wake up to the thought of her,

Her hair, her face,

Her smile, her grace.
She’s the only thought on my mind,

What they say is true, love is blind.

I keep daydreaming,
Is this the pang of true love I’m feeling?

It’s pure agony not being able to see her,
it’s worse than the sting of cuts in the rain,
as if your heart was thrown down the drain.

As the sun sets,
The skies turn to a beautiful shade of red,
I wish she was here,
holding hands, sitting by the pier,
watching the sun set,
and the skies turn dark,
staring into the infinite cosmos,
as the stars shine in all their glory.

As night falls I stand by the window,
waiting for her, but there’s only a faint shadow,
of our past, I thought it would last,
but now she’s gone;

Still I wait for her return.

opeth metal progressive metal progressive death metal royal albert hall


3 thoughts on “Elvis Has Left The Building

  1. Absolutely stunning. A very well-penned poetry. I love the rhythm and the beauty it holds. And please tell me that I am hearing a soothing melody to complement this wonderful piece or else I have really gone nuts and hearing stuff! Sharing how I perceived : I think it is the feeling of not only “falling” in love, but rather “staying” in love. You might wanna call me weird but this line: “What they say is true, love is blind” made me smile because I was thinking of so many possibilities. Firstly, if the author hadn’t used a comma after “true” then it would have a COMPLETE DIFFERENT meaning. And what is interesting is that the author describes the beauty of the girl he’s in love with and then makes this statement which leads me to think maybe it is ONLY the author who sees all those beauty in the girl and not many can see it and thus, it is considered “blind love”. But then again..if I think it is “blind love” maybe that can also make it go in the direction of a girl of his “dreams”. Maybe he has only seen her in his dreams and he keeps adoring her passionately. Oh well, I can be wrong but I love how it is like a rainbow with so many colors. I love the imagery that has been used and it is incredible to see his love through his “eyes”. This line is another interesting addition “As night falls I stand by the window,
    waiting for her, but there’s only a faint shadow,” since the theory of night and shadow can get really fascinating to think about. But it is not just a shadow but a shadow of the past. I love it as a whole and the concluding line is a winner for me which makes me realize that it is the love worth waiting for.

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