At present, I’m going to meet yesterday

except, he’s postponed our meeting to tomorrow

They say life is fleeting, too short for a proper greeting

Which is why I like to try to laugh at sorrow

these split seconds are mine to borrow


3 thoughts on “Tidsoptimism

  1. “Tidsoptimism” love that word! Also, “They say life is fleeting, too short for a proper greeting” – too true! When I meet someone I wish we could get those meaningless pleasantries aside and get to the real talkin’ 🙂 Also, did you write this poem? Love it! Short and true.

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    1. I wrote it after seeing my uncle off at the airport. He’s gone back to Canada. Could only spare a minute because during the duration of his visit he had some official matters to attend to and I had a debate tournament. But the short time frame we spent in conversation felt worth-while because instead of talking about all that’s changed we talked about the things that hadn’t. We probably won’t meet again for a while yet. Also, I must admit that Dr. Suess a.k.a Theodor Geisel has been a source of influence for this writing. Hope you have a good day 🙂

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  2. I absolutely adore this one. Honestly, it was like one of those cute songs that get stuck in your head. It also seemed more like the Shakespearean poetry used in play…does it make sense? Oh I love it,really. It is very upbeat and lively. It got a ring to it. My two fav. lines will be “At present, I’m going to meet yesterday……..except, he’s postponed our meeting to tomorrow”. I am amazed by the contrary and it’s presentation. A beautifully penned poetry. Worth a read! And that photo you added…it really had me gravitated towards this poem. Although it had a jolly tone to it, I loved how the attitude was serious and insightful at the same time. Very interestingly described and executed. Beautiful, I tell you…beautiful piece! Great job!! 😀

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