Bear witness to Life’s defeat!

Have you ever witnessed life being defeated?
Scorched by grief, drowned in tears,
Every moment an epoch of atrophy
Dying by the day, hour, and second

So many dreams have I seen,
Wither away, flower petals to the wind
Dry leaves snapping at the heels underfoot
Their murmur a medley of melancholy

Remnants of unrealized aspirations
Pervade the very air I breathe
And there they shall remain
Echoes within earshot

Much is brought to light in the daily news
Not all aspects of our life is published
Suffering, anguish, we keep to ourselves
And so it is lost in time

No one can read the will of the soul
A loved one fallen out of favor
For selfish reasons we stand side by side
But silently take up arms against each other


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