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Read It Or Not Reviews

WEIRD – The Weirdest Thing You Have Ever Read:

Naked Lunch. The author was under the influence of drugs when he wrote it. A remarkable read.

AMAZING – The Most Amazing Book That You Can’t Find Any Other Way To Describe:

Finnegan’s Wake is a tricky read. You really need to find a way around the syntax and retain the information in your head as simply as you can.

CRAZY – A Kind of Insane Character:

Jorg Ancrath from the Broken Empire Trilogy. The things he’s done!

KICK Ass – Your Favorite Strong Side Character:

Domovoi Butler from Artemis Fowl. He gets the job done.

YING-YANG – Two Books That Are Different, But Connected Somehow:

Myth of Sisyphus and Either/Or A fragment of Life. Both teach you a little about the struggles of life.

BOOKS – The Number of Books You Have Read So Far This Year:

Unimportant, what matters is that I keep reading regardless of the tally.


My opinion doesn’t matter, the characters can decide for themselves.

ORIGINAL – The Most Original Book Blogger Or Book Tuber You Read/Watch:

Times Literary Supplement.

GIDDY – A Book That Makes You Extremely Happy:

King Killer Chronicle.


TICK-TOCK – A Book You Read Extremely Quick:

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

ABRACADABRA – Your Favorite Book That Has Magic:

Bartimaeus Sequence.Criminally underrated.


Myself. I have no idea what I’m going to do next, which is what makes it more fun.

I tag…

your it. (If you want to do it, do it, otherwise do not do it.)


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