Suggestions Box (Feedback Loop)

Some of the bloggers who have been following Inkuisitive Mind have a mind boggling amount of experience.

I know what I speak of because I actually browse through the various blogs and try to see what makes them stand out and have their own unique style.

I would like to hear from experienced bloggers as well as the ones who have just started from scratch and are in the midst of learning the ropes as we speak.

What do you think we can do to improve your experience? 

For this to be effective communication, I would like to hear the honest truth. Being faced with criticism and to have failed are two different things. I do not in anyway conflate the distinct ideas.

Go ahead, give me your 2 cents. I promise to return it when I have adequate experience.

If you want to leave an anonymous comment please feel to do so here:

Inkuisitive Mind Message Board

Looking forward to hearing from you,

~stay loose


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