Game Review: DOTA 2 (TL;DR Edition)

Written by: Jawad Mahruj Khan (Eleventh Grade)

Defense of the Ancients

I want to introduce you to a game,

Defense of the Ancients is its name.

In it, our chances are all the same,

Thus when you are good, it will bring you fame.

But even when you are bad, do not “flame in-game”

Since becoming the best must always be your aim.

And the game starts for Radiant and Dire,

Ten heroes selected from a pool of 109.

Five heroes each, all with different styles,

From being supportive, selfish to even vile;

To being unstoppable, wicked sick and beyond godlike.

For the sole purpose of defending an ancient with all your might.

Much, much more I’d like to say,

But it will not interest you further in any way.

So I will halt and step out of your way,

As you know the basics, it’s now your time to play.

And maybe to you, this will become an unforgettable day,

Forever cherished with your first Dota play.

Dota 2 Download (free to play)


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