Emotional Turbulence


First grade tasted of Marmalade

Bitter at first but ultimately sweet

Second grade can be likened to a MMORPG Dungeon raid

No one knew what they were doing

Third grade was the year I made

a misnomer of a name for myself

Fourth grade happened to be the year I picked a few

Much needed additions for my bookshelf

Fifth grade was when we had our own pen fight ring

Soon after, I became Gyges, king of the ring

Sixth grade ended up with me not understanding a thing

And everyone did well in academics but lacked in emotional intelligence

Seventh grade happened to be a milestone, I quit playing Beyblade

Choosing instead to retire into a shell

Eighth grade was frightful and as such not worth either mention or attention

It was about that time I learned how to treat defeat without retreat

Ninth grade started with me waking every day without being afraid

Also, I had deduced when to tune out what was being said

Tenth grade was the turning point in the quadratic equation

I could say what I meant without hesitation

Eleventh grade, currently I can look back without feeling sad

For one must be quite mad to have had felt so bad!

Twelfth grade, I’m not quite there yet, but I care to make a bet

That as long as I don’t don’t fret, it may be the best year yet



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