It’s nice to be nice, but don’t be a pushover.

Sorry has many uses so the very next time you feel the compulsion to apologize, utilize the word for some other purpose.

As demonstrated in the gif, sorry is a double edged word. saying “sorry”, can provide immediate relief but overtime it will build up, hit a wall, rebound and slap you in the face.

There are many times in life when others will run right into us as if we didn’t even exist and force an apology as if it was our fault. Stand up for yourself, no one else will.

When it comes to social media, “Sorry” can help you get out of sticky situations by lying outright.

Pretend as though you didn’t see the message, trust me, a lot of people do it already to spend time

on those few people that they really care about.

Sorry can also be employed for sarcastic dialogues. It’s fun, provided you can use it subtly. Try it some time.

While “sorry” can help to avoid conflict, a person can become dependent on it.

The more the word is called upon in times of need, the less effective it becomes.

Sorry is not the route to peace be it world peace or inner peace.

Saying sorry too often can be the result of low self-esteem. If so perhaps it is time to reevaluate your sense of self-worth

Try introspection and soul searching, surely you’re better than you give yourself credit for.

Most importantly: Don’t be sorry for not being sorry. Not all situations merit regret.

The only time I would prescribe you to apologize as fast as your reaction time allows you to is when you accidentally ask a woman her age.

If you survive that slip of the tongue, consider yourself lucky.

Lastly, sometimes you might have to lie through your teeth about being apologetic about something,

but remember, “Pretend to say sorry today, so you can live to tell the truth another day.”


9 thoughts on “Sorryman

    1. it’s better to wait, think about the mistake, how to stop it from happening again, and then apologize than just to murmur an apology without thinking. Most people can tell an authentic sorry from an insincere one.

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