Written by: Kasfia Nahreen Arittri


Eyes wide open, emotions jumbled up
Afraid to fall
Colors washed up, everything
Black and White,
I try to see, but my vision is blurred.
All happiness, all gaiety is gone,
My fragile heart, broken into a million pieces,
Aches for the loss of humanity.

Wars raging, the world filled with
Hopelessness, and deep-seated misery,
With critics tearing the flesh of the innocent,
And a sea full of desolation and treachery.
Suddenly, it looks like a place
Not worth living in.

With irrepressible ignorance,
With untamed witlessness,
We have turned our world into a
Suffocating inferno.

With a loss of virtuousness,
with an absence of compassion,
With corruption blanketing the earth,
We are all headed towards obliteration.

Dark misty clouds, yellowing leaves,
Bones and skulls littering the ground;
What has this world turned into now?
Killing each other, no one to trust,
This world is now a place of lust.
Fragile it is indeed- the human race,
Bringing down itself with the rest.


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