Which is worse: To have too little or to have too much?

Written by: Rakimul Huq, Class XI.

Editor’s comment after reading the essay: Can we have too much of too little? Is that possible?

Also Charles Foster Kane from ‘Citizen Kane’ tried to purchase love.. but failed miserably…

Modern Lifestyle is nothing more than a race. Everywhere you go there is a sense of competition, and surely there is a lot at stake for this to be the way it is. Most societies have one thing in common, there is a competition that runs on the greed, and avarice of others for money. No matter what we do, we all have the same desire, the same goal, the same dream- Money.

They say money can’t buy you health. Yet it enables you to afford a heart or kidney transplant. Many claim that money cannot buy you happiness. Yet, the majority would prefer to cry in a limousine rather than smile on a bicycle.

Is it true that money cannot earn you love? Money itself is an unauthentic contrived attraction, which will ensure that you are overflown by false love as long as you are rich. So is too much money a good thing to have?

Too much money could also ruin your personality. It gives you a strange sense of pride and makes you lose your respect for others, distract you from your responsibilities, and fills your heart with arrogance.

Once you have it all, you become greedier, and avarice working in close conjunction with pride (as we all know) are the sources of cruelty and misery, not to mention two of the 7 deadly sins.

What is the meaning of being wealthy if you can only live for a brief period of time on this planet?

On the other hand, having too little money can never be helpful. The undeniable fact is that the world runs on money, and he who does not have it will be forced to deal with the bitter coldness of life. Every step will be a struggle and every effort made to move forward would be like sailing against the wind.

Yet, it is not that bad a situation to have too little money. Firstly, it develops one’s endurance and mental maturity. Secondly, the hunger for a better life can sometimes be the incentive to bring out the best of one’s self. Thirdly, anyone who struggles so much in life will never take things for granted and knows the true value of hard work.

The truth about money is that it comes and goes with the ebb of time. A wise man once said, “There are two things that define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.”

Speaking for myself, I would give away all the money in the world to have a true smile on my face.


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