Editorial: Declaration of Principles

For those of us who have had the opportunity to watch the Classic ‘Citizen Kane’, the declaration of principles will be a familiar subject. Also notice how the paper is now only ‘2 cents’ … the meaning of that has not been lost on me.

Much in the same way, in the Harry Potter universe the marauder’s map has the following pledge…

The first pledge is a declaration of good will, whereas the second is an oath to use the map for delinquency.

However, ironically it was Charles Foster Kane who used his paper ‘The New York Inquirer’ for his own ends instead of furthering the public interest while Harry Potter attempted to use the marauder’s map as a force for good.

A tool is neither good nor bad, such traits of morality should not be applied to it. It is either effective or ineffective. The way it is used is up to its user.

Having said all that,

here is a pledge of our own:

Here at Inkuisitive Mind we realize that it is highly unnecessary to have an opinion about everything. From hence forth it will be our policy not to take everything seriously and in a literal sense but to focus on esoteric knowledge nuggets instead of rants lacking constructive criticism which can be found in en masse in most social media comment sections.


~This post is not intended to cause offense. If you are offended… please watch the pink panther movies to cheer up. Johnny English should do the trick as well.


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