Keeping Time via STOPwatch

There was darkness all around me. Just a few fleeting images fading into oblivion kept my solitary figure company.

They all start this way, every one of them. I’m talking about dreams in the dead of night. A momentary suspension of time as if I’m stuck in the past until it abruptly unfreezes and begins to flick through my life. It’s happened so often now that I’ve grown accustomed to it, but still I can’t shake off the feeling that someone has been observing me for a very long time now, silently watching behind the scenes, studying my every movement.

You’d think that by now I would have reached some logical conclusion as to why this recurring phenomenon takes place, believe me when I say that  I’ve tried, but I’m still as clueless as ever.

“Ugh, not this part again!”, I say as I feel a tug from all sides.

All warmth recedes and the very air itself feels heavy.

“Difficult to breathe isn’t it?”, echoes a familiar voice.

“Go away; you already know my answer, so why don’t you just go back where you came from? “, I hear myself say.

The pale figure only chortles in reply. Suddenly, from the corner of my eyes I spot a glowing radiance. It pulls me towards it as if we’re invisibly connected somehow. The light threatens to overwhelm me and I’m not sure if I’m more bewildered or excited. Up till now it’s always proved elusive and the more I tried to get closer, the more it pushed me away. This time though, this time, things were definitely dramatically different and it was finally going to happen, I could feel it…


An audible gasp resonates through the empty classroom. “I was this close to finding out” mutters the boy. He absent-mindedly keeps time to his racing thoughts by drumming his knuckles on the table. His dark blue eyes focus directly ahead on the chalk outline board which was only partially visible in the dimly lit room. On it, in bold letters are scrawled the words: Beware, if you do not learn to move on, all current opportunities will eventually be gone.

Instead of showing surprise he walks past it casually and heads out a door which wasn’t there a minute ago. After expertly moving through snaking hallways he reaches his destination. There standing in the center of yet another uncrowded room was his old locker. In brisk steps he walks closer and briefly stares at an old curving ‘Arren Pace’ which is just to the right of the Dial.

‘This isn’t the time to reminisce,’ he thinks to himself before quickly dialing his combination which is confirmed by a click. Inside lies an old photo album with a leather cover clearly showing signs of age. Having had Gently picked it up, he looks at it fondly before putting it back and closing the locker shut.

“I see that you’ve finally found some solace in memories, and as touching as that may be you know what I’m really here for I presume” says a voice which is actually his inner demon.

“Yes, I want to spend some quality time with you demon. It’s about time we sit down for a chat over some tea don’t you think?”, Arren responds.

“Splendid! The fun has only just began”, remarked the manifestation of fear.

And what great fun it was. (sarcasm)

The end.

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