Bed of Rose Thorns

Written by the person who wrote it. Class? In a class of his own.

The writer Orchit Rahman has given me the go ahead for mentioning his name.

Life is not fair to anyone thus comes the statement, “Life is not a bed of roses.” Everybody is equal in this world, but life does not treat everyone equally. We have to struggle to survive in this vast and competitive world. Some are born with a golden spoon in their mouth, as for others it is not the same case. With hard work comes success, and to accomplish that success we have to work hard.

Life is a cardiogram line: it is full of ups and downs. When we have ups we have to be confident about it, and when we are down we should be hopeful.

My life has hit rock bottom. No one has ever accepted me for who I am. I have suffered all my life. The fountain of youth is not a monument I had the luxury to visit. My parents were never there as my mother and father worked two jobs to support our family and my education. Still I could not get the promised quality education due to our financial crisis. I also did not have a great time at school because the teachers did not treat me appropriately. I had no close friends; I was in a world of my own. The weaker people in my society have been treated much more badly than me, so whenever I expressed my sorrows people were quick to point that out to me. However, relative happiness does not in any possible way assuage one’s unhappiness.

I knew that life is not a bed of roses. I had to find a way to make people accept me as it was the only way I would be treated as a normal person in this world. I had to struggle a lot to make my friends accept me. I used to take money from my mother every day and saved it so that I could present fancy treats to my lavishly rich friends. After giving them treats, they started to make me feel welcome and made me a part of their clique. My mother was becoming suspicious about what I did with the money she gave me. I told her that I was using it to eat lunch. Now that I was feeling accepted by my friends, they started to talk to me, and for once in my life I felt happy like I was somewhere I belong.

We have to be happy and content with whatever we have. We have to work hard all our lives in order to live a life like Richie Rich. We work hard so that we can survive in this world as life is not a bed of roses. Even though I did so many things in order to gain acceptance from my friends, they slowly began to ignore me, yet again. They did not talk to me properly. Also, they looked down on me in a condescending manner because they saw me for what I was(‘nt), a ‘low-class’ boy. Life brought me back to the same state I was in previously: Not square one, no that would be far too kind, I became stuck at square nothing.


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