As the endmost fragments of light fade

my mendacious memory flickers and shows me the past decade

this may just be my last flashback

can’t stop now, I’m losing track

All that time that’s gone to waste

in hindsight it leaves a bitter taste

struggling to forget what could’ve been

The lies are patched, frail and worn thin

I don’t remember anything

all I do is sit here remembering

as my eyes lose sight

in the distance, a dimming light

all I know is that I must find a way to live

but now I simply have nothing more to give

from deep within, comes a rising din

an insurmountable desire

burns brighter my inner fire

vanquishes all that’s cold

but if the truth be told

it was my soul I sold

Once the deal is done

and your life is truly gone

you will realize the truth

alas the innocence of youth

To reclaim what has been lost

no matter what, no matter the cost

towards the cliff’s edge he ascends

A broken man that has been condemned

standing near the overhang

with a silent prayer he sprang

thus in this accursed place

he vanished without a trace



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