Friends forget faster than laser light dots and a cat

Only imaginary friends are real!

I’m the hamster in a wheel;

My head spins like a merry go round,

Just so everyone else can enjoy the ride.

Don’t (re)mind me, I’ll always be by your side,

Someone to ignore and at times hide.

In my truth your lie confides,

not unlike when matter and antimatter collide:

We combine to create a brilliant display of nothing.

To think that once we could have accomplished anything!

Toxic friendships mollify my mind,

work world wonders for my ego,

convince me to leave myself behind,

reassert what I already know:

Life cannot be experienced vicariously,

second-hand happiness is worthless and less.

I am not a placebo for another’s ego,

In my book there’s no such thing,

Mr. Algebra can go solve his own problems.


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