The Wolf who cried, “Boy!”

Written by:

Rafsan Al Mamun, Class XI, The astronaut guy.

Days and Days that pass,
Unsure if the thoughts may last.
Filled with sorrow I am,
Like crying to my shepherd,
this stubborn old lamb.
Peace the mammal feels,
But its heart never seals.
Never has the wool been cut off,
all it does is continue to live forth.
Like running away from the wolf,
Like getting trapped away in a booth.
The sun never rises, Light never reach my lenses.
Darkness, one face, Still stuck at the same phase.
Clouds continue to form,
Like replanting a defused bomb.
Lying on my back with my eyes closed,
Feels as if I’m overdosed.
Bring out the silence in me,
but all I hear is the waves of the sea.
All I see is the broken-ed down tree,
Why am I still not free?
As I travel on a journey.
One continues to stay within me.
Life seems to have stopped,
Like my heartbeat giving a painful throb.
Wished it could be like Adam and eve.
but the other refuses to receive.
Weeks and Months one waits,
Never stop flowing the many painful dates.
The thoughts that flow down,
still I am bound.
Wish I could shoot myself with a gun,
the heart never fails to weigh a ton.
The months were like years,
Kicks in the many fearful fears.
Whether this will be understood.
Uneasy one may could.
Like Romeo and Juliet,
The body experiences many riots.
Wished there could be hope……
In this steep yet gentle slope…..


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