Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Why Did Humpty Dumpty Have To Fall?

Recursion: Life of a mirror, mirrored

Written by Ruminator, a.k.a Abrar Far HAN SOLO Zaman, Class XI, Section Orange

Have you ever looked into the mirror, gazed upon an uncanny reflection, and reflected on the disparity between yourself and your image for hours? If the answer is ‘yes’, you my friend have a lot of time to spare. Most of us aren’t as fortunate. Speaking for myself, as a sentient immortal object that is seemingly inanimate in the oblivious eyes of the world, I have all the time in the world for such thoughts to occupy my meticulous mind.

It wasn’t long before it dawned on me that while people get to see glimpses of themselves when they stare at me – how rude!- the same could not be said for me. In an epiphany it occurred to me that it was not I who changed over time, but rather the world. All I could do was merely reflect that change in my own small way. “You are what you meet.” is an age old aphorism which I have come to believe.

I’ve often wondered what would happen if I was placed in front of the celebrated Mirror of Erised. You see, my deepest desire is to stop being on the outside looking in. How then, could the Mirror of Erised show me an image which would fit this criterion?

If a mirror surface is not on the outside, it cannot reflect. I would cease to have a purpose. What meaning can a perpetuated purposefully purposeless existence have? After all, technically I am nothing more than an image. Nothing I think has any physical effect on reality. I am but the movie we know life to be played a fraction of a second later, the product of light hitting a wall it cannot triumph over, a byproduct of light being confined in escape.

Often I overhear soliloquies and pep talks intended for private ears. As much as I would like to help these individuals allay their fearsome fears, it is one of those fights that must be fought alone.

As an object I cannot of my own accord look at myself. My very life is a literal interpretation of Rene Descartes’ wise words, “The self is incapable of looking at itself objectively.”

The world does not help me see myself. No. I help the world see itself: Good & Bad, Happy & Sad, Calm or Mad, whatever may come. Through introjection I have become a part of the world. The role I play is to help others figure out what their role happens to be. “Amor Fati”, I love things as they are, and as of right now things are changing, as per usual. Be that as it may, being empty  does not hinder me from being an effective fun house mirror and the reason behind much merry making mirth. Of what use is laughter when you are the laugh? Albert Camus said, “one must imagine Sisyphus happy.” I will say “One must look into the mirror and imagine it happy.”


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