Equal: The artificial sweetener we have all come to know and love!

Written by Ahnav Ahmed, Class XI, Green

Is everybody equal?

In the face of God, everyone is.

Does God exist?

What does it mean to exist?

“When walking down a lane in which you can either choose to believe or not to believe in god, no matter how much faith you have in god, when your life is on the line, you know you look both ways.” – House M.D

Finding an answer is important, but looking for one may not be the wisest decision. Sometimes, answers cannot be found no matter where you look. And so sometimes, you’ll find answers when you’re not even searching.

So would you say everyone is equal?

What do you define by equal?

We can try to measure a person’s worth so that we can understand it better. This way, we can represent complicated and difficult personalities in a universal numerical language. We can try.

Science is the product of mankind’s hunger for knowledge. It is said to have its own set of pros and cons. However, upon close inspection, most of the pros are ignorantly justified by us. Of course, what’s right and what is wrong is as distinct as two shades of the color grey. Whether the lighter or the darker shade is better is up for debate.

Set of ethics, morals, sense of right and wrong. Do we really have the right to discriminate? Sounds a bit self-centered if you ask me.

The world has the potential to have an inifnite amount of rules. So why do we need to follow someone else’s’ rules? Because somebody else will call you a cheater, or accuse you of having no honor? Why should I feel honor for a game I am being forced to play? A game that separates, classifies, distinguishes, discriminates, and determines our worth?

Is that right?

Sure, you can make your own paradigm of rules. Make a game that accepts you, makes you feel better about yourself while letting others play their own game. Follow their own rules. What would be the purpose of doing this? Making yourself feel less rejected, more at home. A place where you belong. But it’s rather futile.

In the end, none of that will matter. The game where you were the winner, feeling confident enough to face all the other winners of the differently named games will only get so far. But at one point you should realize how useless it all is.

Because the trick, my friend, is not to run after pride and become a winner. My answer is not to play at all.


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