Written By:
Anindita Farzana, Class XI, Section Blue

Beauty is a pair of clavicles protruding like a pop up book
Beauty is a pair of defined cheek bones,  plump, rosy lips, a cinched waist, full hips, lashes long enough to sweep dust, thick hair , as smooth and glossy as perfectly set Jello
Beauty is a calendar stuffed with appointments to dermatologists, but a stomach so devoid that it dissolves itself in acid
Beauty is radiant skin, blushed cheeks , long, slender legs, tinted toe-nails, hairless arms and the bitter taste of Methamphetamine down your throat
Beauty is your uncle coercing you to starve yourself whilst claiming to love you
Beauty is your girlfriends calling “twiggy”, is adverts for weight gain supplements asserting that bulk is the solution to every one of your dilemmas
Beauty is a child lost and perplexed by the ever wavering whims of us humans
How we insist that it is inconsequential, while every aspect of our lives is under its governance
How we insist that it is inconsequential, when it is indeed so coveted that body dysmorphic disorder is not a disease but a condition  to aspire to
How we insist that it is inconsequential, and yet we bleach our flesh, like melanin does not provide sun protection but is a malicious curse we must rid ourselves of.
How we drain our bodies to sculpt our physique
How an attribute is so desperately longed for, yet those who possess it shudder to acknowledge it
For, there is no greater sin than self-solicitude.
Our self-worth is inversely proportional to our waistline
Directly proportional to the length of out torso.
Determined by all but ourselves.

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